BAUER is an innovative, international company that designs and manufactures advanced irrigation and waste management products for agricultural and non-agricultural industries alike in locations around the world.

BAUER designs and manufactures according to strict international standards to offer the highest quality down to the smallest detail.

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BAUER aims to be the leader in quality wastewater, slurry, separation and irrigation management technologies in agricultural and non-agricultural industries alike. That is why they work hard every day to produce economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

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Much has changed since Rudolf Bauer built his first high-pressure manure pump just over 85 years ago. The world population was only two billion people and food security was correspondingly high, even with the traditional small-scale farming methods of the time. But those methods are not enough to feed the world today. Professional resource management, including efficient land management, is now essential to produce what the world needs.

BAUER has worked hard to create systemic solutions to irrigation and liquid manure management problems throughout its 85-year history. We are here to help your operations by staying ahead of the times with outstanding technological developments. Take a look at our success story below.

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