CombiDisc – Grada suspendida de discos compacta para la preparación del lecho de siembra

For use in combination with either the gravity Cataya or the pneumatic Centaya harrow-mounted seed drills, Amazone now offers a new CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow in a 3 m working width. Equipped with 24 serrated discs, each featuring a diameter of 410 mm, the CombiDisc is ideally suited for seedbed preparation at depths from 3 to 8 cm. Due to the small disc diameter, a high peripheral speed of the disc is achieved ensuring a very good crumbling effect.  The ability to follow the soil contours as well as offering stone safety protection is provided via the proven maintenance-free sprung rubber mountings. In addition, the disc elements on the CombiDisc feature a maintenance-free disc bearing and slide seal with a lifetime lubrication. In the same way as on new generation 01 rotary harrows and rotary cultivators, the CombiDisc can, quickly and without tools, be easily mounted and demounted via the QuickLink quick coupling system with the relevant pack top seed drill. This means that, thanks to this QuickLink quick coupling system, the CombiDisc can be demounted with a few locking clamps so that the CombiDisc can also be utilised further in solo operation for seedbed preparation. At the same time, the relevant pack top seed drill can also be utilised with either a new 01 generation rotary harrow or rotary cultivator so that, with one and the same pack top seed drill, several different variations of sowing combination can be utilised.   

In its basic version, the CombiDisc is supplied with mechanical depth adjustment. Any change in working depth is very easily done centrally by swivelling round spacer elements on the left hand side. The CombiDisc can also be comfortably equipped with hydraulic depth adjustment with an easy to read scale enabling the mounted compact disc harrow to be adjusted steplessly from the tractor cab. For an even work profile, both in the wheel tracks and at the sides, the individual disc arms can be adjusted up or down by 30 mm in these areas. In addition, the adjustable side plates ensure an even finish. For depth control and reconsolidation, the following roller can be, from choice, the PW 600 tooth packer roller, KW 580 wedge ring roller, wedge ring roller with KWM 600 Matrix tyre profile plus the TRW 500 and TRW 600 trapezoid ring rollers are also available. This big variety means that the right choice can be made for all soil types. Due to the modular construction system, the same roller can also be utilised on other machines such as the active KE/KX/KG 3001 soil tillage implements. In addition, for compaction sensitive soils, tractor wheel mark eradicators are available which can be adjusted irrespective the working depth of the disc harrow. The CombiDisc shows its strengths especially on light to medium soils and, thanks to its easy pull, operational speeds of up to 15 km/h are possible, meaning that the sowing combination operates with a high efficiency. 

Picture CombiDisc_KWM_d0_kw_P3200129

With the CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow, Amazone now also offers an implement for passive soil tillage under a pack top seed drill.

Picture CombiDisc_KWM_d0_kw_P3200136-38
The new CombiDisc is equipped with twenty-four 410 mm diameter serrated discs. Its small disc diameter provides a very good crumbling effect and thus the ideal seedbed.

In combination with a pack top seed drill, the mounted compact disc harrow ensures an easy pull and thus provides a high efficiency.

Picture Centaya3000super_detail_d0_kw_IMG_7307 With the aid of the QuickLink interface, the relevant soil tillage implement can be removed from the pack top seed drill.

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